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Q: Where can I find Realise2?

A: http://realise2.cappeu.com/4/
Q: How do I access Realise2?

A: Either by purchasing a single use or by redeeming a code you have been given.
Q: How do I purchase uses of Realise2?

A: Visit http://realise2.cappeu.com/4/ and enter a valid email address in the top text boxes and click Continue. Enter your Title, First Name and Surname and choose a Password then click Save. You can now purchase a single use for yourself, purchase a single-use gift certificate for someone else or make a bulk purchase of Realise2. Payments are handled by PayPal, who accept all major credit cards.
Q: I've been given an access code as a gift or by my employer. How do I use it?

A: Visit http://realise2.cappeu.com/4/ and enter a valid email address in the top text box and then paste the code in the box below before clicking continue.
Q: I forgot to enter my code when I registered / I have been given a code since I registered. How can I use it?

A: Log in to Realise2 by pasting the details in the email you will have received when you registered in to the lower text boxes. Then click on the Redeem Code button and paste your code into the text box.
Q: I have forgotten my password/login details. How can I access Realise2?

A: Visit http://realise2.cappeu.com/4/ and click the 'Forgot password' link. Enter your email address and click Continue. Your login details will be emailed to you.
Q: Why is the tool called Realise2? Was there a Realise1?

A: The tool is called Realise2 to reflect the two meanings of “realise” to which it relates. First, “realise” means to discover. Second, “realise” means to develop and make real, especially in relation to fulfilling potential. Realise2 does both of these things - it helps you first to discover your strengths and second, to develop and fulfil the potential of your strengths - hence the name, Realise2. As such, no, there wasn't a Realise1!
Q: What does Realise2 actually assess?

A: Realise2 invites you to rate 60 different attributes according to the three dimensions of energy, performance and use. Your ratings for each of these attributes across the three different dimensions are then combined in different ways to determine whether an attribute is a Realised Strength, an Unrealised Strength, a Learned Behaviour, or a Weakness.
Q: How was Realise2 developed?

A: Realise2 was developed by the CAPP team, including our Chartered Psychologists and Chartered Occupational Psychologists who are Level A and B qualified, and our resident strengths and positive psychology experts, including Professor Alex Linley, Dr. Janet Willars, Robert Biswas-Diener, Martin Stairs and Nicky Page. Across the team we have more than 100 years of experience in working with strengths, all of which fed into the design and development of Realise2.
Q: How does Realise2 differ from other strengths tools that are available?

A: First, other strengths tools are based on models for the assessment of personality, which require people to agree or disagree with a number of statements (normative models), or choose between different statements (ipsative models). In both cases, these statements all assess only one dimension, typically “how much something is like me.” Realise2 assesses the attributes across three different dimensions of energy, performance and use, and so allows a much more comprehensive and nuanced strengths profile to be developed.

Second, Realise2 combines the responses to these different attributes in different ways, to determine whether each attribute is a Realised Strength, Unrealised Strength, Learned Behaviour, or Weakness, with each category being reported back to the user. This provides a much more comprehensive report than other strengths tools that provide feedback on one's top strengths.

Third, Realise2 assesses 60 different attributes, which is far more than any other tool, but using our proprietary assessment methodology, does so in a similar number or fewer items than other strengths tools - so it is both more comprehensive, and quicker to complete than some other tools.
Q: What do I get if I complete Realise2?

A: Users receive a Profile Report, which details up to seven of each of Realised and Unrealised Strengths, up to four Learned Behaviours, and up to three Weaknesses. Users can also select which Realised and Unrealised Strengths they want to prioritize for development, which are then included in the bespoke Development Report. Users can also build their own personalized action plans, using the Personal Development Plan template and online email reminder system that is included within Realise2.
Q: Will my Realise2 results change over time?

A: Realise2 was explicitly developed as a dynamic strengths assessment and development tool. It recognises explicitly that strengths will come into the fore or recede into the background as different situations call on different strengths. This is recognised through the “use” dimension of the assessment, which is inherently variable. As such, unlike personality assessments, where one would expect personality to be relatively stable over time, we would expect that strengths would shift over time as patterns of use and performance change - and Realise2 is designed to capture this dynamic reality of strengths. While the strengths themselves are enduring, it is their levels of use and performance that may vary. Given that Realise2 dynamically assesses each of energy, performance and use, we expect that Realise2 results may change over time as patterns of use and performance change over time. So, we might expect to see different Realised Strengths and Unrealised Strengths come to the fore, but we would not expect to see, for example, that a Weakness became a Realised or Unrealised Strength.
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